A Day in the Life of Me: Valentine’s Edition

Hello friends and welcome to a complete day in the life of me: Valentine’s edition! I sound like some kind of talk show host in my head just now. This is a complete narration on what I mostly do during weekends, but just with a teeny tiny microscopic bit more flair since it was Valentine’s Day (tho I celebrated it on the 13th). It’s kind of boring since it’s more of a routine to me now, but hey, maybe when I look back on this after a few months or years, my weekend routine would be completely different!

Also, if you read this entire entry, you’d also get to know me a bit better as I inserted a few things about me here and there. Another also, my featured photo is misleading. There is no romance in this girl’s life, haha! But I love spending Valentine’s with my family and friends – Valentine’s is not just for couples, fyi! 🙂

06:15 AM. Woke up. I am a morning person. Not because I chose it, but because my mom instilled it in us. Haha! Seriously, if my brothers and I were not up by 7:00 AM, my mom will wake us up. If she’s feeling generous, we can sleep in until 8:00 AM – which is 1 in 50 mornings.

06:20 AM. First thing I do when I wake up is check my e-mails, Twitter, Facebook, and Instagram – in that order. Bad habit I’m trying to break.

06:45 AM. Prepare and eat breakfast with the fam. Pandesal + hotdog + eggs.

07:00 AM. Morning chores. Includes but not limited to: washing clothes, hanging clothes, sweeping around the house, mopping, doing the dishes, making the bed, etc.

08:00 AM. Hang out with my little cousins. Yes, I am the oldest of my siblings AND immediate cousins – on both sides of the family.

08:45 AM. Spent an hour on our friends’ group chat arguing on what baggage we’re going to bring and what we’ll put in our itinerary for our Hong Kong trip. Draft up blog posts, reply to comments, edit photos, blog hop, and leave comments in between.

10:00 AM. Found out DeadPool is R-16. Posted on twitter that I’ll be watching it alone since my brothers can’t come. High school classmate ended up to be my impromptu movie partner.

11:30 AM. Cooked lunch (only because mom is in SG). If she’s at home, I mostly just set the table as I am not a cook. Unless you count fried food.

12:30 AM. Getting ready for the movie. I’m a real no-frills kind of girl. Took me 30 minutes over-all.

02:00 PM. Cornered by my uncles and aunts on the father’s side of the family at the mall. Questions include “Sino kasama mo? (Who are you with?)” and teases like “Uy, may kadate. Sino yan? (Who’s your date?)”. It just so happened that my movie partner is a boy, ha ha ha, good thing I was alone when they saw me or else it’s endless teasing.

02:50 PM. Deadpool movie date with said high school classmate. We had a lengthy discussion slash argument regarding popcorn flavors before the movie started. Tatter’s nacho cheese is the best flavor. Fight me.

05:00 PM. A quick stop at Fully Booked for my forbidden affair with all things paper. Forbidden because I’ve been on a shopping ban since the start of the year. This just tempts me to buy stuff. I also ended up on the ‘hugot’ part of Alabang Town Center.

06:00 PM. Meet up with the fam at Festival mall and treated the fam to dinner. 4 out of 5 times, we have dinner at Shakey’s. And yep, we did have dinner at Shakey’s this time too.

07:00 PM. Shakey’s gave me a huge-ass Toblerone bar. Thanks fam. (This is the ~flair.~)

07:15 PM. Arcades with my little brother. *sings Forever Young by One Direction*

09:00 PM. Settled back in at home. Scrolling through my facebook feed. Wrote a draft of this blog. Cleaned my room a bit. Watched Sponge Bob and Kung Fu Panda at Nickelodean before falling asleep.

11:00 PM. Dead to the world.

So, that’s how a typical Saturday is for me. Valentine’s didn’t really changed anything except for the movie part – although that’s mainly because of Deadpool. I’m usually just out on weekends to eat, window shop, or both, hahaha!