How to Really Know Someone Vol. 2

It’s been more than three months since my last installment for this series and I’m here to rectify that. I found this tag through Corinth and the list of all the fun questions can be seen here. I like that the questions really makes me stop for a moment and think, and it also shows the brains, er thoughts, of me that’s not usually seen from my usual travel and personal posts. Except, maybe, you’ll get a hint of it from what I posts on twitter.

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Life Lately #6 + Where Have I Been?

It’s been a little over a month since my last blog post entry and I swear, I’m not in a ditch somewhere as proof of this post. As I’m typing this, it’s 6:18 AM on a Sunday and I’m in bed, thinking about things. I’m thinking about the plans I have with my family later. I’m especially thinking about eating at Frankie’s when we’re in SM Aura because, I swear, they have the best chicken wings ever. Ever.

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Dropping by Haji Lane, Singapore

There’s been a point in my blog-hopping that I landed on posts about Haji Lane which is located in Bugis, Singapore. It’s basically a shopper’s paradise, hidden away in a tiny lane at Bugis. The colorful, pastel establishments and cute, unique finds on those posts made me think, “Hey, I must go here!” And I did.

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A Walk Through Singapore’s Chinatown

I’ve only been to Singapore’s Chinatown before – and that was in my first visit back in 2007. All I remember then were shops selling affordable souvenirs like t-shirts and magnets. That’s all I remembered. My 12 years old self only saw a portion of what Chinatown has to offer and I was so glad to explore it with my uncle and brother – who might have actually explored a bit too much since my feet were screaming after just a few hours already.

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Singapore Haul

If you follow me on twitter when I was on my trip in Singapore, you’d remember how much I gushed on how there are plenty of S$5 shorts and shirts from Cotton On. That costs PHP150 when converted to pesos and the cheapest Cotton On shirts being sold in Manila costs PHP400. Like, what a steal, right? Despite myself, I ended up spending a lot of my budget on clothes. No regrets though, since I love them all. Here’s what I got from my Singapore trip.

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