I love the Philippines, I really do. But I would love it more if we have four seasons and not just the default hot with a bit of rain and hotter. One of the other reasons why I would love colder season is, well, clothes. It’s no secret that I went shopping for winter and autumn clothes when I went to visit Hong Kong and Korea. I only bought a few of them, though, knowing that I won’t be able to use them so much once I set foot back in the Philippines.

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Some days, I just want to be financially reckless and just spend money silly on the wireless ear pods and the new iPhone from Apple. Those days are the days where I either have my wires all tied up or have somehow managed to damage/destroy them. Which sucks so bad. So when I have the option to go wireless, I go wireless.

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Here’s part two of my Baler travel posts. I’ve been thinking of all those Filipinos and Filipinas who have visited all the 81 provinces in the Philippines, and I’m trying to figure out how many provinces I’ve been to myself – it’s 11, by the way. While it is not my goal to visit all the provinces in the country, I still want to go to as many as I can. Anyhow, here are the two more places I visited when we were in Baler, Aurora.

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Baler Aurora; Richel Goes Places

One of my favorite things about living in Manila is that there are plenty of places to visit within a weekend. No need for a long or short haul flight. No need to file a vacation leave. You just pack your bag, pick a destination, and get away from the busy city for two days. Easy as pie.

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You know what? If I promise myself I’ll get back to blogging, then I always end up breaking that promise so I’m not promising anyone anything. LOL. The past few months of my inactivity has been crazy as hell. There’s been a lot of good times, bad times, and in between. I had many of moments that made me laugh and smile, moments that made me sad for the first times since a long time, and even moments that made me pissed as heck. See? It’s been a crazy ride, and shout-out to my BFFs and Twitter friends for being along those crazy times. Now, I’m bringing my stories to my blog – except for one that will never be mentioned again, lol. I missed you guys too, and your stories.

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Liebster Award 2016

I’ve been a bad blogger for the past months. Sorry, guys! Hopefully I’ll be keeping the groove going once I got back from my Seoul trip – which is something I’m really excited about and just three more days away! I just don’t want to force blog posts anymore since they ended up as meh just like my previous post, lol.

Anyways, Liebster Award 2016! I’ve been nominated by both Melai and Pia! Thanks, girls! Liebster Award is “an award that exists only in the internet, and is given to bloggers by bloggers.” So exciting and so honored to do this and be a part of this! So the way this works is that I will be answering 11 questions left behind by those who nominated me, make 11 questions of my own and nominate my own set of bloggers.

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How to Really Know Someone Vol. 2

It’s been more than three months since my last installment for this series and I’m here to rectify that. I found this tag through Corinth and the list of all the fun questions can be seen here. I like that the questions really makes me stop for a moment and think, and it also shows the brains, er thoughts, of me that’s not usually seen from my usual travel and personal posts. Except, maybe, you’ll get a hint of it from what I posts on twitter.

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